Located at Raffles City Tower, this leading security company’s new Singapore office is designed to facilitate their technical operations efficiently and display a strong brand identity and global presence.

For the past 23 years, they have established presence in 16 countries worldwide with multiple regional offices. Inspired by the range of technological solutions they provide, DB&B’s design for the front office exudes a futuristic vibe with the use of coloured florescent lights embedded within the walls.  To highlight this concept, hexagonal shapes and sleek light strips are applied throughout the space.


Leveraging on the layout of the main entrance, the design of the arrival space is kept minimalist and lined with florescent light to mimic a hi-tech portal. The waiting area for guests is fitted with alcove seats in the shape of a hexagon and accompanied with comfortable lounge chairs in matching colours.


Connected to the waiting area, a lounge is created to serve as the social centre of the office. This space can be used to host guests, or for employees to congregate for meals and open discussions. To facilitate periodic lunch and learn sessions, loose furniture curated here allows for flexible reconfiguration. Next to the lounge is the boardroom designed for meetings that require a formal and private setting.


For semiprivate discussions, separate booths are carved out along a corridor. The booth seats are framed with silhouettes of landmarks from Singapore, Boston and Israel, a strong reference to where their headquarters are located, reflecting their global presence.


The company also prioritises the internal security protocols set for their employees. To support the functions of their IT Team efficiently, the back office is thoughtfully laid out with a hub to provide IT support to the employees. This space is paired with a dry pantry and bar seats so employees have a waiting space while their equipment is being looked into.

Workstations are also configured differently to meet the needs of various departments. Desks for the IT department are specially selected to match with confidentiality requirements, while other teams allow for more transparency, without panels. To encourage movement throughout the day, height adjustable 120-degree workstations are also available.

For private discussions at the back office, phone rooms, meeting spaces and private offices are lined along the inner perimeter of the space. To inject textures into the meeting spaces, the rooms are cladded with backlit acoustic panels.


Overall, this 10,700 square feet space is designed to honour the brand identity and needs of their employees. The mix of open collaboration spaces and private rooms, along with customised amenities work well together to create a well-balanced space for their Singapore team.

Project: Confidential Security Company
Location: Singapore
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: Focal Collective
Website: dbb.com