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How to submit a project:


  • Quantity: Minimum 10 up to 20 photos
  • Dimension: Landscape image with minimum 1366 pixels width x 768 pixels height in 72 dpi resolution
  • Dimension: Portrait image with minimum 768 pixels width x 1024 pixels height in 72 dpi resolution
  • Do not include renders or watermarked photos
  • File Format: JPEG file only


  • Main Title (required 3 to 5 words)
    example: An Optimistic Future of Work
  • Subtitle (required 20 up to 30 words)
    example: LinkedIn’s new Campus in Omaha sought to rethink not only the way people work, but also incorporated large sustainable goals, from art to community engagement to kickstarting the tech industry.
  • Body Text of Content (minimum 300 up to 600 words)
  • File Format: Word file only

*  We reserve the right to reject the submissions if fail to follow the guidelines.

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