Inspired by the vast and limitless sea, this vibrant corporate office epitomises a perfect composition of form, function and style to reflect its digital banking services.

A delicate balance between corporate and contemporary is pivotal in bringing the design concept of SeaBank’s Jakarta office to fruition. SeaBank, a digital banking service, owned by Sea, leverages cutting-edge technology to provide its banking consumers with a seamless and enjoyable user experience. As Sea is also the parent company of Shopee and Garena, the client requested SeaBank’s interior design to adopt a design language similar to its counterparts while exuding its own fresh and upbeat modern-day digital bank aesthetic.

“Based on the client’s brief, we set out to find a strategic formula to combine the formality of a professional workspace with the company spirit that revolves around creativity and dynamic activity. We were meticulous in using details, colours, and textures in the right balance so that the outcome would not cause distractions or becomes too explorative and playful,” PAND Design Group’s design team explains.

Spanning two floors within a high-rise tower, the office has the advantage of a full-perimeter window glass facade that allows ample natural light into the spaces. The brighter spots accommodate the meeting spaces and primary working areas, ensuring optimal visual comfort.

Throughout the workspaces, the designers emphasise a human-centric approach that delivers a range of social spaces that address individual and group needs. The welcoming spatial experience begins at the reception lobby, where an illuminated counter – a defining element that you would see in many Sea companies – anchors the space. The partially exposed ceiling further complements the overhead panels with concealed lighting and red borders.

Across the spacious hall, casual seating pieces make up the waiting lounge where visitors can rest and relax before being ushered into one of the three enclosed discussion rooms named after Indonesian cities. Moving further into the workplace, more collaborative spaces reveal themselves, with a central spiral staircase connecting the two floors.

“In this office, we support collaboration and meaningful engagement with a variety of spaces for work, communication and team gathering while reflecting the philosophy of humanisation, digitisation, security, flexibility and efficiency,” says the design team.

To convey these values, the key palette of the office references SeaBank’s corporate logo and colours. Interior details draw from oceanic inspirations resulting in an ensemble of shapes, textures, and patterns to infuse a playful yet sophisticated sea-like vibe into the internal work environment.

“We ensured the details work well from different angles to facilitate visual comfort and a distinctive artistic outcome without overwhelming the space,” the design team adds. “For example, colours were selected from a harmonious point of view – we accentuate the neutral palette with bolder colours like orange, blue and green derived from the company’s corporate identity.”

The interplay of colours is evident in the social spaces like the collaborative zones, games room, breakout areas and the main pantry/cafe. Against a clean backdrop and timber wood flooring, bright-toned chairs and seating pieces in varying hues uplift the ambience in these spaces. For the primary work area, where rows of work desks are placed within a more neutral setting, bright orange sofas are also used to denote the collaborative element in that space.

“Overall, this project was an enriching endeavour for us,” the design team shares. “Throughout the design process with the client, we had the opportunity to learn how digital trends play a big part in our work culture and, more importantly, how design can support these evolving requirements.”

Project: SeaBank
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Design Studio: PAND Design Group
Photo Credit: PAND Design Group