A Regional Headquarters designed with both user experience and regional context in mind for a local, global experience, critical for advancing the digital economy and developing innovative commerce solutions.

Located in the heart of Dubai’s Media City business districts, the new headquarters serve almost 90 countries across the Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) region. Spanning 100,000 sq ft, the new headquarters houses the company’s almost 500 regional employees – with the potential to accommodate up to 750 employees in the future – expanding the company’s capabilities in the CEMEA region.

The headquarters is designed with both the user and the regional context in mind, all while remaining true to the global brand. Made to reflect both the traditions of the past and the radically new nature of the business today, innovation in community spaces is key in connecting the local and global elements of the design to create a seamless, balanced workplace experience. Despite being the regional Headquarters, the connection to the local Dubai’s spirit of innovation, community, connectivity is evident.

The HQ features a communal ground floor promoting the company’s newest technology and development that is open to the public. Soft corners throughout the open office further express the concept of fluidity while encouraging staff connectivity. The open layout offers mobility and use of alternative work points, with a strong emphasize on community spaces. There are various amenities available, such as formal and informal meeting rooms, focus booths, prayer rooms, rooms for mothers, bike racks, and customized catering.

Throughout the space, the eclectic combination of furniture, finishes, and fabric presents a distinct combination of sophistication with the informality typical of an innovative technology company. The new space is designed for the vision of a workplace of the future – a place where employees, clients and partners can seamlessly collaborate to create solutions, develop user experiences and share ideas.

Another key feature of the regional HQ is the 10,000 square feet state-of-the-art innovation centre. The space embraces the principles of human-centric design and focuses on serving the region’s unique innovation needs. Outfitted with an immersive experience zones that allow in-situ prototyping, various concepts and plans such as a connected home, rapid transit, connected car, crypto zone, retail concept, airline lounge, and small merchant bazaar could be reimagined through technology in this space. It also features cutting edge technologies such as a hypermatrix wall, and purpose-built briefing centres and collaboration zones.

The new space also houses the company’s first CEMEA University campus which will host a string of training and educational programs for employees, clients and partners. Through a set of engaging, interactive training uses modern platforms and technologies, the campus is designed for the development of key skills and expertise.

The new Headquarter is a space that supports different workstyle, provides a variety of flexible conference, meeting, and gathering spaces while creating an active connection between floors. By inviting, innovating and inspiring all users, the new office space is a reflection of the active culture and sublime landscape. Focused on creating a distinct experience through the space, the new facility is primed for collaboration with clients and partners to develop and deliver breakthrough solutions in the digital economy.

Project: Confidential Technology Client
Location: Dubai
Design Studio: Gensler
Photo Credit: Gensler / Chris Goldstraw
Website: gensler.com