Fora Borough sits in the heart of one of London’s most iconic and historic market districts. Like all the brand’s properties, it takes cues from its neighbourhood – a dynamic, colourful place.

In a competitive co-working market, Fora is raising the bar for future workplace design in London. Their beautifully designed and highly curated ‘residences’ – like the new Fora Borough – cater to discerning professionals who are serious about their work.

Hassell partnered with Fora founders Katrina Larkin (creator of The Big Chill music festival) and global hotel executive, Enrico Sanna, to develop a set of design principles that establish a consistent yet adaptable baseline for future Fora residences. Fora Borough is the first residence to be delivered based on these new guidelines.

The fundamentals of Fora in Borough

Fora Borough sits over eight floors offering over 3000 square meters of workplace. Incorporated into the design are the four key pillars of the Fora brand: unbeatable service, amazing design, state-of-the-art technology and an ever-expanding network of interesting people. These are embodied in the variety of options provided within the built environment at Borough.

The main dining space and a co-working bar is separated by brass railings. Signature floors above also mix active and social spaces, including zones that use food and a fully stocked kitchen to bring people together. Colours and finishes across these Borough-inspired spaces are bold, textured and vibrant to reflect the local scene.

More ways to work, more ways to unwind

Professionals using the seven-floor property can choose from a range of office types – like flexible, premium fixed or open desks – as well as settings such as quiet phone booths, lounge areas, nooks for focused tasks or a boardroom.

Fora Borough also offers the kind of perks normally associated with large corporations. On-site wellness facilities include a premium gym with a full roster of workout classes and dedicated personal trainers.

A colour palette and materials with a ‘very Fora’ feel

On the standard floors, calm, understated tones and high quality materials and finishes create a premium feel but also reflect Fora’s low-key approach to branding.

For residents, Level 5 is a retreat in the sky complete with an outdoor terrace with sunlit garden, a café bar, a library and a mezzanine lounge. This shared space – flexible enough to host events and pop ups – features a double height-void reminiscent of the high canopies of a historic market while the edible garden calls to mind the produce stalls found there. There’s also incredible views of the Shard and St Pauls, ideal conversation starters with fellow co-workers.

It all adds up to an exceptional workspace with a strong sense of community both within and outside its walls.

Project: Fora Borough, London
Design Studio: Hassell
Photo Credit: Mark Cocksedge, Hufton + Crow