As BODY eases users into a state of comfort throughout the workday, its contemporary silhouette graces modern offices with a touch of sophistication.

Slim, slender and sleek, BODY by Benithem takes inspiration from the human body, transpiring into a sophisticated chair that embraces the lines of our spine. Featuring a highly ergonomic design, the chair’s silhouette runs smoothly from the neckrest all the way towards the backrest to the bottom of the tilt. Made from quality materials and enhanced with innovative features, BODY ensures long hours of seated work at the office are accompanied by ultimate comfort and healthy posture.

“The slim and slender line from the elegant harmony of inspiring shape and translucent material opens up a new perspective of your space by casting speed of design, which generates vivid contrast between the outline-driven space and BODY,” Benithem says.

The craftmanship of the BODY is simple, yet meticulously precise. Offering sturdy support for different body weights, BODY comprises an aluminium chrome chair base set atop two levers with four blocking mechanism that allows users to easily manoeuvre the chair to their preferred height. The chair also comes with an adjustable armrest with a sliding and rotating PU armpad as well as a seat sliding function. BODY is made more comfortable with a contoured and mesh backrest which aligns with the back and provides greater ventilation and free airflow to the skin.

BODY has achieved the GREENGUARD Certification, which ensures that the chair has met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.  The chair also uses materials which are recyclable or can be upcycled into other uses.