A workplace that can become more than a workplace, Archetype’s New York home is wired differently.

Coming from a pre-built space with assigned seating, poor acoustics and inconsistent branding, Archetype needed a refresh to truly uphold their brand and culture. With the goal of pushing the design of the space to its limit, Unispace worked extensively with Archetype’s stakeholders to understand their company goals and staff needs, in order to ultimately create a space that reflected the company’s identity.

In this project, Unispace employed their iterative design method – a process where key decision makers on the client side could see how workplace enhancements would progress via 3D modelling. Throughout the process, Archetype gave their full support and involvement, which allowed Unispace to rapidly implement changes and expedite sign off.

One of the early decisions made by Archetype was to transition its New York office to an entirely Agile workplace
model, where staff could sit wherever they felt most productive. This move allowed them to reduce their office footprint by 1,500 sq. ft., while substantially increasing collaborative and social areas. Currently, this includes a large communal entry, café and stepped meeting zone, of which the latter can facilitate everything from coffee nooks to movie nights. In line with their goal to optimise office space, their office does not have a receptionist, and guests are invited to register on a touchscreen in the entryway instead.

While almost all spaces are bookable for use, there is also a specific quiet zone for focus work. Unispace transformed this space from one that would traditionally be used for IT or storage, since it had intrusive Mechanical,
Engineering and Plumbing (MEP) ducting. Instead of concealing the equipment, Unispace integrated them into the design of the space, using that as a separation barrier. The system operation was also used in conjunction with furniture as white noise.

The design also strikes a fine balance between being warm and welcoming, and paying homage to the raw, industrial feel of its location at Park Avenue. To achieve the latter, Unispace purposefully exposed the columns and floors right down to the original terracotta, and added a sophisticated touch by partially enclosing them with wire mesh.

Finally, Unispace incorporated intricate design details throughout the office space. Some key highlights included the use of light sources to differentiate spaces within the office, such as the signature hanging melted globes, serving as a transition point between the café and workplace, and a graffiti mural weaving vibrant colors with Archetype’s branding and icons of New York (such as the Statue of Liberty).

With the revamp, Archetype’s New York office now reflects the brand’s culture and values, and has become a space where every nook and cranny are effectively utilised.

Project: Archetype
Location: New York, United States
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Unispace
Website: unispace.com