Oasis Furniture presents a range of forward-thinking office solutions that are innovatively put together to shape company cultures through workplace design.

A successful culture of teamwork in the modern workplace propels businesses to move forward towards their goals more effectively. This can be achieved via well-planned spaces and furnishing elements that focus on four areas of modern work culture: collaboration, tactical execution, control culture or presentation and creative or strategic thinking. These four cultures are innovatively reflected in Oasis’ exclusive office furniture collection.

Oasis’ teamwork-driven workspaces are designed with an emphasis on fostering a culture of collaboration, interaction and cooperation in the office. The Foster collection is aimed at connecting employees by creating inviting spaces within the office environment to encourage staff members to collaborate in different ways. Whether it’s an impromptu meeting, a casual discussion or structured brainstorming session, Oasis furniture pieces from this collection can be put together to fit these collaborative styles effectively. When it comes to collaborative work, creative and strategic thinking is also paramount in forming a forward-thinking team. Oasis’ workplace design infuses a high level of flexibility to suit various interaction needs to encourage creativity and active breakthrough amongst employees.

Collaboration aside, the “compete” or “tactical execution” culture can also contribute to higher productivity in the office. Within a fast pace organization where speed is a key driving point for success, the work environment can be dynamic yet noisy and distracting. Here’s where Silento meeting pods can offer an ideal space for private meetings or a quieter place for focused work. In terms of more control and autonomy in the office, the Board collection’s well-planned features also ensure order and organization in the workplace so that there are more consistency and higher quality control in delivering results.