This dynamic and vibrant office of a leading e-commerce brand reflects the company’s corporate identity as well as their core values of serving, adapting, running, committing, and staying humble.

As an exponentially growing e-commerce platform in Asia, it was important for Shopee to adopt a unique brand identity that is instantly recognisable no matter where they are located. Guided by Shopee’s brand elements, the design team from PAND Design Group created a fun and fresh work environment in Shopee Malaysia’s new office to represent Shopee’s distinctive culture.

“Shopee aims to create a sense of community and belonging within their new office. Therefore, we strategically implemented Shopee’s signature features to meet the brand’s objective of ensuring their employees feel at home in this new workspace,” the design team explains.

One of Shopee’s most prominent features, their bold orange corporate colour, was employed as a key accent to brighten the office’s neutral backdrop and infuse the work areas with an energetic vibe.

“The focus was to keep the space bright, vibrant, and inviting. However, the office consists of mostly light and dark greys for its base palette. Shopee’s orange is an advantageous colour to work with as it effectively highlights feature walls and uplifts subtle tones,” adds the designer.

In the main lobby, Shopee’s iconic logo behind a backlit reception counter is complemented by bright orange highlights on the floor and furnishing to evoke a dynamic atmosphere. Across the room, upholstered seats make up the waiting area. To demarcate different areas, multicoloured carpeting and ceiling panels that mirror the carpet outline serve as visual boundaries.

The decorative theme continues seamlessly in the meeting rooms, where a long slim table accompanied by orange chairs takes the spotlight. At the side, a cosy bench upholstered in grey fabric aligns with the side wall to maintain the spacious layout.

More dynamic features are present in the cafe, which doubles up as a multipurpose space for town halls and company events. Numerous colourful chairs, wood-topped tables and bar seating near the windows and the kitchenette offer employees ample space to chill out, have a meal, or even work on their laptops. In the centre, customisable magnetic studs depict a large Shopee icon on the magnetic board, creating an eye-catching focal point in this highly versatile space.

Project: Shopee
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Design Studio: PAND Design Group
Photo Credit: PAND Design Group