Book a Kall

Say hello to Kall, Kettal’s privacy booths, which can transform open-plan offices with cutting-edge solutions that may [ ... ]

Embraced in Cosy Chic

Veritable cocoons of cosiness, the Giorgetti Calathea executive armchair and guest armchair are a fusion of nature’s [ ... ]

Productivity in a Pod

Where open co-working spaces can get overwhelming, Bristol’s Conference and mini Pods provide on-the-go privacy for important [ ... ]

The Path to Going Green

Beyond its user-centred design, the Path office chair incorporates eco-friendly elements that are bound to make the [ ... ]

Swell into Serenity

Designed to offer a different experience of comfort, including the gentle sway of a rocking chair, the [ ... ]

Artistry of Nature

The Mesa Alto Collection weaves the beauty of nature into a sustainable flooring solution to create interiors [ ... ]

Clarity of Purpose

The Mono-V desk system is a masterpiece of architectural precision, where intricate elements and sensual materials ensure [ ... ]

Beyond the Essential

Sleek and stunning, the Needs 2.0 table translates practical design into pure productivity, seamlessly meeting daily work [ ... ]

Natural Marvels

Carpets Inter’s eco-friendly carpet tiles beautifully blend with the exceptional design language of the Ferntree Gully campus [ ... ]

The Perfect Fit

Sphere provides an optimised seating experience by bringing together a high-performance ergonomic design and unique features that [ ... ]