From the office to the home office, the Maari chair seamlessly caters to an everchanging flow of spatial scenarios with its one-piece shell and unique bases.

With the Maari chair, one shell rules them all. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Haworth, every single chair in this collection features the same delicately textured, moulded shell which pairs beautifully with a wide selection of bases. Whether it is a 4-leg steel base or wood base, sled base or base with casters – the choice is yours.

Maari is conceptualised to convey Urquiola’s design vision and Haworth’s vast knowledge of seating technology. The idea behind using an identical one-piece shell for all variations of Maari chairs is to simplify specifications that can often get complicated. Different bases, on the other hand, maintain a sense of variety to keep things visually interesting within a space. Simple yet versatile, this chair provides instant physical comfort and visual appeal without the complexity of multiple adjustable functions.

Whether you need to sit comfortably for focused work or just somewhere to relax while you read the morning paper, this chair literally has your back. For group settings, Maari offers a flexible seating landscape that you can easily configure to match changing functions throughout the day.

Above all, Maari puts full emphasis on comfort. The chair features a slightly reclined seat-to-back angle, and a soft curved back to ensure an ergonomic seating experience. To accommodate different users, the chair also includes a built-in level of support.

Featuring five shell colours, Maari combines beautifully with a broad range of materials, from wood and aluminium to different fabrics. Arms, glides, and casters are also available to meet different purposes and style preferences. There are also counter- or bar-height stool variants if you require higher chairs.