Upstream is the perfect expression of Carpets Inter’s passion in preserving our environment while enlivening our spaces through beauty, durability and ultimate comfort underfoot.

It’s pure poetry how leading carpet manufacturer Carpets Inter celebrates the beauty of our water world. However, it’s more than waxing lyrical because the brand has turned their green dream into reality, actualized in the form of their highly imaginative carpet tile collection aptly named Upstream, using the revolutionary carpet tile cushion backing EcoSoft® made entirely from upcycled PET plastic bottles. Among the plastic debris responsible for the deaths of millions of marine animals each year, plastic bottles pose a particular threat, as nearly a million are bought or sold around the world every minute, however, less than 6.5% are ever recycled.

The eye-catching Upstream collection comprises two distinct designs, each of which is available in five colourways. The designs are appropriately named EBB and FLOW, evoking The Ocean Cleanup’s ongoing mission of using deep-sea currents to rid the world’s oceans of nearly 9 million tons of plastic accumulation each year. The Ocean Cleanup was founded in 2013 as the brainchild of Dutch inventor and prodigy Boyan Slat. His breakthrough proposal utilizes passive collection methods that harness the natural flow of earth’s water masses to gather and recycle plastics in oceans around the world. Chief among its goals is a plan to eliminate at least half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within the next five years. Proceeds from the sales of Carpets Inter EcoSoft® backed carpet tile will be donated in support of The Ocean Cleanup organization.

As a leader in the commercial modular carpet tile industry, Carpets Inter has a history of creating sustainable ‘fit for purpose’ collections for more than 15 years. In support of their latest sustainability campaign, Upstream with Ecosoft® backing modular system offers the facility a wide range of benefits including ease of installation, underfloor maintenance with minimal disruption, superior underfoot comfort and acoustical propensity, as well as excellent indoor air quality.