Beyond its chic appearance, ingLIFE is a highly ergonomic chair that sets you in a rhythmic motion, creating a state of mind where you generate ideas more easily and stimulates creative thinking.

Our bodies are designed to stand, move, and be in motion throughout the day. However, the advent of technology has led to an increase in deskbound activities, resulting in office workers spending most of their workday at their desks. Prolonged inactivity can put our muscles under a lot of strain, which compromises blood circulation and neural system performance.

To address the issue of “oversitting”, Kokuyo has developed the ingLIFE Multi Objective Chair that focuses on keeping the body in motion with a 360° gliding mechanism. When you maintain motion while sitting down, it produces the same impact as working out. For instance, four hours of desk work burns nearly as many calories as 1.5 kilometres of walking.

Designed with our well-being in mind, ingLIFE’s 360° gliding mechanism adapts to our natural pelvic angle while ensuring a balanced distribution of body weight to reduce strain on the pelvis area. Sitting on ingLIFE is also equivalent to sitting on a balancing ball, which relieves pressure on the upper body when seated. In addition, equipped with “front free tilt” function makes the front part of the seat tilt accordingly to adapt to the different body shapes and sitting postures. Its wide seat surface also keeps you comfortable regardless of how you sit.

ingLIFE is built to fit a variety of scenarios within the workplace as well as our living spaces. It’s an ideal chair for working, studying, dining, and gaming. With its wood tones and timeless colour, the chair generates a cosy and peaceful atmosphere in co-working areas, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. To meet different interior specifications, the ingLIFE collection offers four timeless colours and a broad range of material options. You can choose from three types of legs: flooring casters, carpet casters or the four-leg design without casters, as well as two backrest options, which include a wood backrest or a cushion-type back for optimal comfort. Seats also come upholstered in cushion or leather – the leather is an excellent choice if you are looking for an easy-to-clean seat. You can also go for a chair with grip elbows or without elbows.