An intelligent sit-stand workstation, ACTIVE.T is designed with multiple well-conceived features to ensure employees stay active and productive.

Sitting for too many hours is the primary cause of different health issues amongst employees, especially for those who have deskbound jobs. Here’s where sit-stand desks are becoming a common feature in modern work environments to quell sedentary behaviour. According to ongoing studies, there are numerous health benefits associated with using sit-stand desks, such as alleviating blood pressure or providing low back pain relief.

The ACTIVE.T workstation from König + Neurath is designed to do exactly this – and more. Featuring motorised height adjustment, these work desks promote movement throughout the workday, which in the long run, contributes to employee’s well-being. With more scope for adjusting height than most sit-stand desks, ACTIVE.T offers personalised height settings to suit different users. Its tabletop height ranges between 650mm to 1300mm and has the ability to glide smoothly, transitioning quickly between sitting and standing postures.

There’s more to this desk model than meets the eye, as ACTIVE.T also comes equipped with smart-ready motorised columns and König + Neurath’s intelligent office software K+N SMART.OFFICE. The software offers a range of functions at your fingertips – from reminding users to switch between sitting or standing to locating colleagues, vacant desks and meeting rooms as well as booking workspaces, K+N SMART.OFFICE is a nifty workplace tool that helps to optimize space planning in the office.

With the availability of individual or double workstation, ACTIVE.T can be configured to fit any office scenario, whether it’s a collaborative environment or a quiet place for focused work. Along with three frame colours to choose from (white, aluminium and black), features like fabric-covered central screens and central cable trays can be incorporated to double workstations to create a complete working space.