The Lives collection by Okamura supports a versatile Bushitsu concept, creating collaborative spaces that promote better connection and higher work performance.

In today’s workplaces, strong social connections are essential to ensure happier and healthier employees. This inadvertently translates into improved work performance and higher morale in the organisation.

To foster better teamwork and collaboration at work, Okamura introduces the Bushitsu concept, inspired by after-school clubs in Japan where teams gather around a shared purpose, activities, interests, and goals. “Bushitsu is akin to a home base that helps heighten one’s sense of comradery and a feeling of belonging,” says Okamura.

Based on the Bushitsu concept, the Lives collection by Okamura provides an innovative solution to create vibrant, collaborative workspaces. Featuring a range of chairs and furniture pieces, Lives is designed with a relaxed, residential-like aesthetic that infuses a feel-good vibe into workspaces.

The Lives chair collection comprising the Lives Work Chair and Lives Work Lounge Chair offers more than just functionality. Lives Work Chair has a versatile ergonomic form that seamlessly fits into Bushitsu spaces – whether it is a discussion area, an informal workspace, or the pantry/café. More than just a cosy seat for relaxing, the Lives Work Lounge Chair supports the lower body while ensuring the spine and neck are in an ideal upright posture.

Lives Pouf is perfect for Bushitsu spaces where employees come together for breakout sessions, collaborative work, or casual conversations. This supple rounded seat comes in three different heights and four different sizes to cater to a variety of applications. You can also pair Lives Pouf with a table for an instant, ad-hoc workspace.

To create semi-open or more intimate Bushitsu zones, the Lives Shelf collection provides a myriad of configurations to partition a space – thanks to its minimalist frame structure and shelf boards. Using a combination of panels, you can visually block off the surrounding area, while sofas and storage components can be integrated into the Lives Shelf system for more functional possibilities.