Designed for optimal comfort and efficiency, Bristol’s meeting table solutions correspond to a new generation of workplace aesthetic and organisational requirements.

Meeting tables are an essential component when it comes to creating an effective meeting space. Whether it’s an informal discussion area or a large conference room, Bristol meeting tables emphasise a balance of style and efficiency to meet various meeting requirements seamlessly. Some of the tables’ standout features include modular designs for versatile configurations, ample legroom with no obstructions and fewer table legs, which contribute to a lower footprint.

For meeting spaces that cater to bigger groups of people like boardrooms and conference rooms, larger meeting tables equipped with different features are often required. For example, the boardroom is generally designated as a formal meeting place for important decision-making. With a capacity of two to 12 pax, the room usually has ample space for built-in overhead projectors, whiteboards, and other AV equipment.

On the other hand, conference rooms are meant for holding conferences, seminars, corporate workshops and more. It usually accommodates a larger seating capacity of more than 12 pax and comes with various meeting and AV equipment. Made from solid walnut and available in boat or rectangular shape, Bristol’s Sunburst Conference Table is an exemplary formal meeting table for teleconferencing and AV presentations in large meeting spaces.

Classic rectangular tables are a popular choice for conference and boardrooms as they are versatile and fit easily into medium to large rooms. However, for even larger rooms, Bristol meeting tables come in non-conventional shapes like “hollow” and “u-shape”.

Meeting tables within a hollow shape or configuration are an excellent choice for group discussions and brainstorming. As seating is arranged with a central empty space so that participants are facing each other, this type of meeting table provides ample workspace and a direct view of each participant. It’s also advantageous for large meetings when interaction is required among participants without the presence of a key speaker or presenter.

Swift V2 is a mobile, foldable and nestable training table that can be combined to make a sturdy hollow circular or rectangular conference table. The configuration can accommodate a minimum of 16 pax with 8 individual tables.

U-shaped meeting tables are suitable for presentations. The seating arrangement is flexible, allowing participants to see each other and thus encourage lively discussions and easy exchange of ideas. In addition, organisers can place items like product demos in the middle for everyone to see. For smaller, intimate workshops, rectangular or square tables will optimise the space better.

Bristol’s Fadz U-shape table features a HPL worktop and base in sleek finishes for a sophisticated corporate look. The table can fit 16 chairs, while wires and power sockets can be affixed along the frame’s beam to ensure a clutter-free appearance. The Forum table with sleek metal legs and wood grain finish is ideal for smaller meeting rooms. The table can be adjusted to a height of 1050 mm or 745 mm. Wire management is also seamless, thanks to the leg design that allows you to route cables through it.