With its highly intelligent functions, se:flex tunes in to its user’s form and movement to advocate ultimate comfort in any seated position.

Se:flex by Sedus is power-packed with advanced technology, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be loud about it. Instead, this office swivel chair quietly channels its high-tech ingenuity into a plethora of impressive features that offer users a superb ergonomic experience.

There’s no need to be shy about your kgs and inches with a se:flex. As soon as you sit down, the chair detects your weight and automatically self-adjusts to suit your shape and form. While se:flex’s intelligent automatic weight system does it magic, the backrest follows your lateral movement so that you are not confined to a certain posture, resulting in a healthier seated position. The backrest also offers you the option of a mesh membrane or upholstery to suit your preferred level of comfort.

While se:flex puts its tech behind the scenes, this chair lets its lightweight stylish form and flowing shape shine in the spotlight. Its distinctive design creates a signature look that blends into diverse contemporary office settings while standing out as a designer piece. The smallest details are crafted to perfection so that you have a versatile chair that easily adapts to individual needs. se:flex comes in a variety of mesh membranes and slim upholstery colours, providing users with a highly customisable chair to suit different interior themes.