Shopee’s new space reflects the brand’s commitment to invest and continually innovate in Singapore and the region.

DB&B first worked with renowned e-commerce platform, Shopee back in 2017 to create a unique identity for their first office at the Ascent Building, Singapore. The 35,000 square feet office, then, accommodated approximately 400 employees and was the launch pad of the Shopee brand.

Since then, the Shopee brand has seen tremendous growth, requiring a new headquarters to support its rapid expansion.

Designing an Experiential Facility to Inspire Innovation

Spanning a total of 244,000 square feet across six-storeys, Shopee’s new space reflects the brand’s commitment to invest and continually innovate in Singapore and the region. This regional facility is designed with people at the centre, providing solutions to meet the needs of a changing workforce. It also aimed to create opportunities and experiences for a new generation of talents. At work, these talents seek a sense of belonging and emotional connection to the mission and purpose of the organisation.

Keeping Pace with a Changing Workplace Ecology

Designing a space meant for nurturing a future generation of young technological talents also required in-depth understanding of an evolving work culture. Meticulous space planning formed the foundation of diverse work settings that effectively supports the wide ranges of work patterns, from concentrated tasks to cross-team collaborations.

Workplace zones with distinct atmospheres are dedicated to support the different work styles and needs. Providing a variety of spaces for different modes of work yields a more engaging work experience and touchpoints to bolster connections.

DB&B applied a rigorous methodology to fully understand Shopee’s requirements and project needs before recommending space planning and allocation. Connectivity is achieved through a synergy (via a majestic internal staircase) of smaller units across the six floors, bringing together a curation of different zones that connect users and places in one identity.

Encouraging a Culture of Collaboration and Innovation

The physical layout of the office makes the core foundation in reflecting the values of the Shopee culture and ultimately, fosters innovation. Warm and cosy co-working spaces are equipped with stepped seating and flexible furniture. This creates opportunities for spontaneous collisions and interactions which facilitates internal knowledge transfers.

Establishing Brand Value in the Office Space

Integrating a highly functional space with the company’s ethos and philosophy breathes life into the workplace and promotes employee engagement. It evokes a sense of belonging and home for the growing Shopee team.

The bold use of the signature Shopee orange is carefully blended with neutral colours to create a harmonious colour palette. Angulating and progressive lines in key areas suggest innovation and dynamism.

Unique brand elements are also applied throughout the space to not just create a strong visual identity but also as a form of wayfinding as well.

Strong Workplace Community through Wellness

Driving healthier solutions in the workplace where employees have access to healthier food and beverages options can promote physical well-being. Lush greenery is also visible, carefully peppered all around to bring nature into the workspace.

Shopee’s office is equipped with a full-fledged gymnasium, massage room, sleeping pods that aimed at providing maximum welfare and comfort for the Shopee team. Team-oriented wellness spaces like the games room can drive team camaraderie and social interactions.

The Shopee workplace is a representation of how work settings are evolving to cater to today’s workforce. Work behaviours constantly change when it’s heavily influenced by society’s demographics and psychographics. And there will always be industry leaders like Shopee who will always be blazing the trails.

Project: Shopee Building
Location: Singapore
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: MarcusL Photography