Holistically designed and highly adaptable, the Steelcase Flex Collection supports a wide range of work requirements for team spaces – whether it is collaborative work, focused tasks, or agile-inspired activities.

The modern office has been changing rapidly, with rising demands for more flexible and collaborative spaces that also convey a sense of privacy and comfort. Steelcase responds to these emerging needs with the Steelcase Flex Collection, a series of flexible and reconfigurable workplace solutions that empower people to adapt their space on-demand, boosting productivity and fostering a dynamic and versatile workplace.

Desks and tables from the Steelcase Flex Collection come with user-friendly features, ensuring optimal mobility and flexibility. The height-adjustable desk is equipped with rollers for easy movement, complemented by curved screens that users can adjust to suit their preferred level of privacy. For team activities, the collection’s standing and seated-height work tables are ideal for changing activities throughout the workday. Tables can also be paired with glides, optional wheels, and pegs for hanging power hangers, cable catches, or other personal items.

The Steelcase Flex Collection also provides lightweight freestanding screens catering to personal privacy, space division, and keeping information visible. With three sizes to choose from, the screens come with magnetic edges for easy integration across the rest of the collection.

Other innovative components include the Steelcase Flex Markerboard Solutions, which comprise multipurpose stands and mountable wall rails, mobile power hangers, as well as accessories like baskets and cups for holding stationery. The collection also offers Board Carts and Team Carts, which are designed for mobility and help to keep all the team’s essentials accessible and visible. For enhanced privacy, the Acoustic Boundary is a movable space divider that can be integrated with markerboards and screens. Additionally, the collection also offers a Mobile Power Solution that enables users to work anywhere they want.