Surrounded by parkland in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Lawson Elliott’s new space boasts elegance, taking notes from art deco and boutique design influences to encapsulate the elegance of the brand.

The boutique design direction of their new office strongly aligns with the brand positioning of Lawson Elliott, a leading recruitment agency that specialises in the finance and accounting sector. The materiality favours natural tones and textures, implemented through Sheldon manufactured timber joinery units, tiled surfaces, French Wash paint highlights and biophilia. The space is designed to capitalise on natural light and park views, which blends nicely through the translucent fluted meeting room vinyl strips and soft white curtains. These features ensure privacy for meeting rooms when needed, and add a subtle separation between spaces. The design takes inspiration from art deco themes, with elegant finishes, contrasting walls and ceilings/floors, plenty of symmetry, and sophisticated joinery pieces from Sheldon’s manufacturing division.

Client focused spaces

The entrance to the space instantly wows, with a large lounge/reception area. This space, defined by its residential pallete and creative use of biophilia, is surrounded by meeting rooms of various sizes. This layout for the front of house area creates a seamless customer experience for Lawson Elliott’s clients moving between casual and formal meeting points. This space feels separate from the rest of the office, allowing the client’s experience to remain uninterrupted by internal operations.

Providing employees with a holistic working experience

In addition to the extensive front of house area, employees are provided with several workpoints for both collaboration and focus work. Highlights include an open plan workstation area, a quiet focus booth, meeting rooms, and open collaboration points as well as bar seating for hotdesking in the kitchen/break area. A wide range of work points in a relatively small space allows employees to have choice over their working environment, allowing them to tailor it based on their work type.

Exciting entertainment facilities

Another highlight of the space is the large entertaining/break area, designed for employees to take a break, socialise, and host events. This space boasts an impressive kitchen with a large island seating unit designed and created by Sheldon’s manufacturing division.

Providing additional entertainment to employees are the pool table and golf simulator in this space. In particular, the golf simulator provides a unique activity that the team can bond over and compete with to foster culture and attendance in the office.

In addition to provisions in the break room such as the golf simulator and pool table, Lawson Elliott’s new office has its very own gym room. Employees are able to use the gym before and after work, or even to have a quick workout during their lunch break.

Project: Lawson Elliott
Size: 470 sqm
Location: Sydney, Australia
Design Studio: Sheldon
Photo Credit: Simon Whitbread

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