The Phlox collection delivers seamless nature-inspired comfort to ensure you are in a state of constant ease and flow wherever you are.

Sedentary work styles have caused the rise of back or spine issues. How can we maintain a healthy and comfortable posture without compromising productivity? Kokuyo responds to this dilemma with the multidimensional and ergonomically intuitive Monet chair, designed with a distinctive flair that sets it apart from the rest.

On first impression, Monet’s design emphasises a contemporary aesthetic with a clean, streamlined form and frame as its basis. Its sleek, functional features are impressive as well: this task chair leans into its ability to cater to a variety of postures to suit different activities throughout the day.

Featuring an AutoFit Synchro-Tilt, the chair offers full back support by intuitively adapting to the weight of the seated person. An easy-to-use lever is also incorporated into the chair to respond to different comfort levels. In addition, the chair provides adjustable lumbar support as well as fully customisable seat heights. To prevent dark stains on its pristine white legs, Kokuyo’s CleanTect technology provides the chair with a stain preventative coating.

Sustainability is at the heart of Monet’s design. Each part is assessed on its impact on the environment. For example, the chair comes with interchangeable parts that are replaceable to promote product longevity and reduce wastage, thus minimising carbon footprint. This means you no longer need to throw out the chair just because a small part is faulty. You can replace old parts or remodel the chair entirely with a new component.

The task chair also comes with a wide variety of colours, finishes and material options, as well as stitched, mesh or handcrafted backs to meet diverse specifications. Whether it’s an executive office, meeting room, home desk, or lounge – the Monet office chair, like a work of art, fits seamlessly into ABW work environments while standing out with its elegant form.