Deliveroo’s mission is to bring food from the world’s best restaurants to people’s homes and offices. Their new London workhub reflects this passion, with an environment that brings their brand to life and allows teams to work closely together in one space.

Deliveroo sought an environment that supports agile working, as well as their collaborative nature. As the company constantly hires new and highly-skilled staff, they sought dynamic and varied work settings to encourage sharing – whether cross-departmentally or at the canteen during lunch. At the same time, maintaining the company culture of a start-up was also important to the team. Thus, Unispace collaborated with Deliveroo to transform their River Building workplace into a flexible space that could cater to their ongoing evolution.

An expansive floor plate of 50,000 sq. ft. over a single floor required the Unispace team to be mindful of maintaining connectivity between different departments, and create opportunities for collaboration and movement throughout the space to prevent silos from forming. An added consideration was to enable staff to make the most of sweeping views over the River Thames.

The final office design was grounded by a prominent centerpiece known as the ‘Rooball pitch’. Shaped like a futsal pitch (without goalposts), it serves as a central gathering area for the company to hold team events and town hall meetings, complete with bean bag cushions and grandstand seating for employee comfort.

The canteen area stretches along the width of the office, with panoramic, south-facing views of the River Thames. Here, employees are able to come together to enjoy a hearty meal with their colleagues at the social zone in the centre. As the space becomes quieter and more individual-focused towards the perimeter, employees are also able to escape for a quick respite from the hustle and bustle of their day.

The overall aesthetic of the office takes its cue from Deliveroo’s own branding and company values – a fun and well-thought-out environment, that is bright, transformable, and serves to connect people. “We wanted to create a fun, creative space and Unispace understood this from the outset of the pitch process. The resulting workplace is somewhere our team can come together and generate new ideas, helping us to grow and evolve,” said Deliveroo’s Head of Facilities.

Project: Deliveroo
Location: London, United Kingdom
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Unispace