Designed to optimize the workplace, Myko and Decibel 43 Call Pod offer employees multiple seating and spatial options to carry out their tasks in a manner that is most conducive for them.

More than just a utilitarian space to get things done, today’s work environment is defined by how employees work and the dynamic use of different spaces. Private and open office spaces are also expanding to include more formal and informal collaborative workspaces as a way to boost morale and productivity. In line with these evolving work trends, Bristol’s Myko chair and Decibel 43 Call Pod are designed to address these needs with the aim to create higher synergy between teams in the workplace.

Based on the ideology of a streamlined multi-purpose chair, the highly attractive Myko chair offers more than good looks to complement office spaces. Distinctive yet versatile and mobile, this chair is meticulously crafted to work harmoniously in different seating configurations. As a chair for formal spaces, the chair exudes an air of sophistication with its elegant silhouette while keeping to optimal ergonomic and anthropometric standards.

When Myko is placed in more casual environments, it can easily adapt to different spatial requirements when the need arises.  With a lightweight frame that does away with non-essential mechanical parts, adjustments to the chair are quick and easy, which makes it an ideal seating option for other purposes beyond corporate offices, for instance, hospitality, retail, hospitals, schools and recreational spaces.

While workplaces benefit from open spaces that encourage human interaction between employees, it does come with the issue of noise and distraction. Bristol addresses this concern with the innovative Decibel 43 Call Pod, a versatile and acoustically balanced private enclosure that seamlessly blends into open office spaces.

“This system was designed with architects and space planners in mind, to offer them the flexibility to plan large open spaces with acoustic privacy and the tools to personalise the system, so that their project could have its own unique look,” Bristol says. “It is designed to work together individually and collectively to create practical spatial concepts for group collaboration and individual privacy to optimise your office’s productivity and creativity.”

Created for individuals to do focused work or make calls in private, the Decibel 43 Call Pod incorporates a worktop, internal lighting and ventilation system as well as USB ports and plug sockets for plugging in devices. Fitting one person at a time, the interior of the call pod is upholstered in fabric for a cosy experience. A glass door is also used to maintain a visual connection to the outside so that users won’t feel completely isolated from the surrounding office environment.