In a city full of co-working operators, it takes a bold yet refined design concept to stand out.

Hassell has worked on numerous spaces for The Work Project – and each is notably different, rooted in luxury and a unique narrative that speaks to location. For Asia Square, Hassell embraced eclectic influences and styles, as well as a dynamic collaboration with world renowned horticulturalist Patrick Blanc to create a unique and efficient workplace.

Drawing on the surrounding precinct and streetscape as well as the architecture of the building it’s located in, the design is an exploration of the grid, both as a literal interpretation and playful deviation. And the postmodern serves as a reference celebrating unusual materiality and a reinterpretation of classic elements, innovating the use of contrasting textures and materials.

The entry experience is nothing short of memorable – through a mirrored living green box, surrounded by a functioning gallery that features a changing roster of artwork, while portals on either side offer tantalising glimpses into an entirely different space beyond. A unique lounge – with a full green wall contrasting the classic furniture, square tiles and an open black cell ceiling – surrounds a curved, lacquered red box of meeting spaces.

Dedicated closed and open workspaces take up the remainder of the floor, ruled by linearity and broken up by a variety of casual meeting areas. Hassell paired aluminium with robust laminate joinery in primary tones – office standards reinterpreted with creative detailing.

Natural cork flooring adds a sense of warmth that carries throughout, while the heart of the space is without a doubt the fully stocked pantry, expressed with a bolt of electric blue and bright yellow tiles on a terrazzo floor.

Project: The Work Project Asia Square, Singapore
Design Studio: Hassell
Photo Credit: EK Yap