The Mono-V desk system is a masterpiece of architectural precision, where intricate elements and sensual materials ensure exceptional performance in the workplace.

Today’s workspace has gone beyond utilitarian function. It’s no longer merely a space to get things done as it has evolved into a dynamic environment that intermingles communication, creativity, and comfort. Thus, there’s a huge demand for office furniture to meet these emerging workplace trends. Walter Knoll’s Mono-V Desk & Sideboard by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger is created to not just serve these new requirements, but also to epitomise what a high-performance and human-oriented workspace can be.

At first impression, the Mono-V Desk & Sideboard denotes a perfect blend of form and function, tailor-made for executives and leaders who demand the very best. With its graphic lines and bridge shape, the desk stands for architectural clarity in which clear thoughts and creative productivity can rise and thrive in the workplace, regardless of the nature of your business.

With the Mono-V, you can rely on generous space for creating your best works. Its large desktop is not just an expansive surface for work – it’s also an invitation to elevate productivity. Whether you’re seated or standing, the desk’s height-adjustment function allows you to switch between positions, making it suitable for working low and high while opening up possibilities to achieve total and lasting comfort.

The desk’s warm, natural materials, such as wood and leather, keep workspaces cosy without compromising professional aesthetics. In addition, its mono-materiality ensures a harmonious balance of proportion and detail, contributing to the desk’s overall sophisticated appeal.

The Mono-V Desk comes in several options: you can opt for a table with panel legs, a sideboard, pedestals, or T-legs. The complementary sideboard is a noteworthy addition that makes storing and retrieving personal items and work gadgets more efficient yet discreet. The top even gives you access to ports for connecting to your favourite devices with ease.