With its zesty palette, this new office is a shining example of creative attention to detail to ensure a functional workspace brimming with a prominent identity.

Vibrant and lively, the refurbishment of FWD’s office in Singapore was more than just a makeover. One of the key requirements in the client’s brief was to ensure the 12,000 sqft workplace aligns with FWD’s brand identity as a progressive insurance company empowered by technology.

“We were tasked once again to work with FWD, this time to design their Singapore head office. As they are one of our regional clients, we are well-versed on their specific needs and preferences as well as their culture and working style,” the design team from PAND Design Group shares. “One of the things that stand out are their brand values which lean towards a dynamic and cheerful demeanour, highlighted by their bright orange corporate colour. For this office, we used these aspects as a starting point to create a work environment that is immediately distinguishable from others while offering employees an inspired space to do their best work.”

The designers’ primary approach was to redefine the workspace and retrofit the existing reception foyer as a multifunctional space. Taking FWD’s location in Singapore into consideration, the design team employed a unique contemporary-meets-cultural approach, which incorporated
a wide range of materials.

“We started looking at materials unique to our region and thus came up with a design concept that draws inspiration from forms and colours inspired by Singapore architecture,” says the design team.

“These decorative touches amid a modern palette signify how a sense of balance is essential in a fast-paced work environment,” the team adds.

Upon stepping in from the front entrance, the reception area instantly captures attention with a large orange backdrop accommodating the company logo. Underfoot, Peranakan tiles in cool grey provide a laidback atmosphere while infusing a localised element to the space.

From the reception, the space opens out to a cosy waiting lounge elegantly furnished with grey-toned upholstered furniture and carpeting over the laminate wood floor. On the side, the tiled floor extends to the guest pantry area to demarcate the space, while two discussion booths across the room provide more seating options for informal discussions.

“The colour palette, complemented by timber elements, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the building has great views from all sides; thus, we placed the key spaces close to the windows. All these aspects play a significant role in maximising the functional outcome of the interior design,” the design team says.

One of the office’s most versatile spaces is the boardroom enclosed by movable glass walls. When closed, the room comfortably accommodates up to 14 people. When the occasion calls for larger gatherings like town halls, the room can be opened up to seamlessly merge with the waiting area and provide a more expansive space.

The theme is kept consistent within the internal work zones as well. For instance, the primary working area takes on a pristine white palette, which brings out the corporate colours on the side walls painted in bright orange and booth seating upholstered in tangerine and grey. In the staff pantry, which connects to an outdoor terrace, lockers painted in bright orange and shades of green contrast with the timber flooring and furniture to maintain a serene yet vibrant ambience.

“All these elements were strategically planned to uplift the office space and offer employees an engaging place to work in. Beyond this, the iconic details in the workspace also generate stronger brand awareness among staff members, inculcating higher morale and a sense of community,” the design team explains.

Project: FWD
Location: Singapore
Design Studio: PAND Design Group
Photo Credit: PAND Design Group
Website: panddesign.com