Nia’s best qualities are remarkably obvious – intuitive comfort and minimal aesthetics are combined into an elegant work chair that promotes active seating in an agile workspace.

Take a seat and brainstorm away. Sit down and get things done uninterrupted. Whether it’s group work or focused tasks, Nia supports a variety of activities in today’s agile work environment. Designed by Brodbeck Design and Haworth Design Studio, Nia is the first of its kind to advocate active seating in the modern workplace. “It’s a chair that offers freedom as wanted, support as needed,” says the brand.

Featuring intuitive comfort and minimal controls, Nia is more than just an office chair as it offers the plush comfort of lounge seats while incorporating the precise engineering of a performance task chair.  Comfort, performance and aesthetics are all combined into a single minimalist seating piece that sets Nia apart from its conventional counterparts. In fact, extensive testing has been carried out to show that this chair provides outstanding comfort however you sit in it.

Sleek with a slim profile, Nia conceals its smart weight activated mechanism within its upholstered form. Users do not need to keep adjusting the chair as it intuitively supports a wide variety of postures while fitting into different work settings. From meeting/conference rooms, focus work areas and collaboration zones, Nia easily adapts to any seating scenarios.

Nia comes in two different versions: high back and mid back. Its upholstered seat and back are customizable with a wide variety of colours and fabrics to choose from. To cater to specific settings, chairs without back mechanism and without armrests are also available.