Justworks’ new headquarters offers a diverse range of spaces meticulously designed to maximize productivity.

Justworks’ rapid growth required a new workplace to aid in the war for talent and enhance the employee experience. Justworks, one of the fastest growing HR technology companies in the country, was rapidly expanding – more than doubling their workforce in a short timeframe. They were outgrowing their New York headquarters, so they relocated to 55 Water in the Financial District.

Their new workplace needed to embrace their culture, support their focus on community, accommodate their rapid growth, and be a destination for their staff.


Justworks partnered with Unispace to meet their workplace goals with the Unispace one team approach. During the strategy phase, the Unispace teams held visioning sessions with stakeholders to understand their core values, desire for a team-oriented atmosphere, and requirements for flexibility and growth.

Unispaces’ integrated process enabled teams to navigate challenges throughout each phase. When Covid-19 caused global construction site shutdowns, the Unispace preconstruction and construction teams kept the Justworks site operational. Despite the challenges and uncertainty of Covid, the Unispace hands-on approach and creative communication tactics allowed teams to hold virtual site walkthroughs and keep everyone up to date.

Using the Unispace Propeller design model, the design team de-densified work areas to adhere to new Covid-safe distancing protocols.


The Unispace integrated approach and seamless communication allowed the Unispace team to bring Justworks’ vision to life. The new office honors the look and feel of Justworks’ original space while making strategic enhancements, such as highlighting their brand and culture throughout.

Using a neighbourhood-themed layout for optimal flexibility, Unispace ensured each discipline had access to the different workspace types needed for maximum productivity. Unispace established customized areas, quiet cars, phone booths, a library for focus work, and horseshoe-shaped collaboration zones. Both the café and reception areas serve as spaces for fostering social gatherings and community building. All of these elements support optimal space flexibility, ensuring that the Justworks workspace can be malleable during times of transition.

A special place in the Justworks team’s hearts is the café area, where meticulous attention to detail is evident at every turn. Hand-picked trees were used for the custom woodwork, pendant light fixtures, counter backsplashes, and even the farmhouse table. Justworks’ branding is carried through to the custom blue metal interconnecting staircase, which acts not only as a major focal point, but a vital piece of the design and workflow – allowing team members to easily circulate and connect between floors. Custom-built community zones were created around the stairs for this very purpose, providing teams with visibility and touchpoints for ad hoc collaboration and engagement.

The project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, and since moving in, Justworks has doubled in size – proving that the new space is truly future-proof.

Project: Justworks
Location: NYC, U.S.A
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Chris Cooper
Website: unispace.com

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