Seeking to consolidate their businesses in Shanghai, global leader in the family travel and vacation sector, Foliday’s new office houses over 800 employees from three brands within the group- ClubMed, Albion and Casa Cook.

It was imperative to design a space which represents what Foliday stands for – to evoke the dynamic qualities of a ‘vacation destination’ instead of a mere office space. To bind the brands together, the colour palette of this three-story office reflects a mix of the corporate colours from all three entities, with hues of blues and oranges being the primary colours of the space.

To complement the primary colours chosen for the space, accent colours that mimic those of the four seasons (spring, summer, winter, autumn) are added, complementing the experiential journey of a vacation. The floorplates are also zoned after a beach resort theme, with a Port of Arrival, Deep Sea Venture, Coastal Waves, Beach and Land, and Mountain Peaks forming the various zones. The playful combination of colours inspired by these elements are reflected in the choice of carpets, wall colours and furniture accents where possible.

Wallspaces at breakout areas and collaboration hubs were cleverly used as a form of communication with employees and visitors, sharing fun facts about the various entities. Imagery used on the walls exude holidaying vibes, showcasing travel activities as well as the various properties Foliday owns globally.


To foster collaboration, scrums areas and huddles spaces were carved out near workstations for easy accessibility. These activity-based spaces are available in various configurations and group sizes so employees can move around the office at different times of the day. They also serve the dual purpose of a congregation spot for team lunches and smaller group parties.

For larger groups and townhalls, a social hub is available at the two lower floors, offering a variety of seating arrangements ranging from individual bar seats to large communal tables. This space is spruced up by overhead trellis designs, wall textures and placement of branding sculptures to represent the various brand identities. Wood and warm lighting is used to create a welcoming vibe and encourage casual interactions among employees.

To increase accessibility between both social hubs and the main reception located at the top level, an internal staircase is erected to connect all three levels of the workplace. Located adjacent to the social hubs, this vertical connection creates opportunities for cross pollination across business entities.


Biophilic elements are injected throughout the office space to bring comfort to the eyes, dialling up on employee wellness. Hot and cold beverages, and a foosball table are readily available at the pantries for a quick respite from work. To resonate with the company’s values of wellbeing and inclusivity, mothers’ rooms are also built for breastfeeding mothers who need a private and comfortable space to provide for their child.

Collectively, the space planning, design elements, choice of furniture, lighting and materials are thoughtfully put together with employees in mind, to inspire, entertain and drive productivity.

Project: Foliday
Location: Shanghai, China
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: DB&B